Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy services offered in
Palatine and Chicago, IL and Kensington, MD

Speech Therapy

If your child has a speech delay or impairment, turn to Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy, with locations in Palatine and Chicago,Illinois and Kensington, Maryland. Board-certified child language specialist and credentialed infant mental health specialist Melissa Grosvenor, PhD, MS CCC-SLP, I/ECMH-C, BCS-CL, and her team offer comprehensive speech therapy services to babies and children. Schedule an evaluation by phone or request one online today to learn more. 

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy at Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy helps pediatric patients improve their ability to communicate. The skilled therapists use personalized interventions that allow kids to develop speech, communication, and play skills to achieve long-term goals. 

Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy invites parents and caregivers to be involved during therapy sessions with their children. This helps them feel comfortable and allows parents to observe progress and know which interventions to try at home. 

Which conditions can speech therapy help address?

Speech therapy at Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy can help children  with:

  • Language delays
  • Auditory processing
  • Social skills
  • Feeding disorders
  • Autism
  • Word finding
  • Receptive language disorders (problems processing information)
  • Apraxia of speech (distorted speech)
  • Articulation disorders (problems speaking clearly)
  • Phonological processing disorder (speech sound disorder)
  • Stuttering
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (nonverbal communication)
  • Oromyofunctional Disorders

What makes us different?

For our children who are not yet communicating with words, speech therapy at Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy offers an innovative language models derived from Lahey, Bloom, and Tinker. The practice specializes in use of a developmental, individualized, and relationship-based (DIR®) models integrated with contemporary models that optimize assessments and effective interventions.

Components used in these speech therapy sessions include:

  • Regulation and interest in the world
  • Shared attention (shared interests and mutual engagement)
  • Reciprocity, exchanging roles 
  • Preverbal gesturing
  • Exploration of objects to form linguistic concepts and build vocabulary
  • Development of early speech production such as sounds, babbling, and early words

Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy uses the essential components of language formation, such as forming sounds, expressing meaning through words, and engagement to improve speech and language skills.

Our highly trained therapists support the development and progression of language use, form and content and the effort and engagement children exert during communication exchanges.

What should I expect during speech therapy sessions?

Pediatric speech therapists at Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy often meet with children for individualized speech and language therapy sessions once or twice weekly. Each session lasts about 50 minutes and parents are welcome to sit in on the sessions. 

A therapist completes a comprehensive evaluation of a child, teenager, or young adult. They develop a treatment that includes various games and fun activities to improve children's ability to understand and use language. Social groups, occupational therapy, and physical therapy sessions are also available.

Schedule a speech therapy evaluation at Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.