Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy been open?
Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy has been open in Palatine, Illinois since 2009 and Bucktown, Chicago since 2012. We opened our Maryland branch in 2017.
Why should we choose Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy?
Our client reviews speak for themselves. Our therapists love kids and love their job. Children do not want to leave our center. They regularly ask to sleep here! We make development engaging and fun. Our children make progress in therapy because our therapists are highly skilled and hold many advanced certifications in their respective fields. 
Are you in-network with insurance?
Yes! We accept BCBS-PPO plans in Illinois and Cigna in Maryland. For those with different insurance carriers, you may be eligible for out of network benefits. Call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for your out-of-network benefits for therapy services

How much is an evaluation?
Our comprehensive evaluations are billed at $650. This includes formal assessment on two separate days, a comprehensive written report, and a feedback meeting to go over the findings.
How much is therapy?
Therapy is $170/50 minute session.
I cannot afford therapy; do you have any other options?
We offer group therapy sessions at reduced rates. Please contact us for more information.
What happens during my first appointment?
On your first session, your therapist will give you a tour of our space. We encourage all parents to be present during evaluation sessions. Your evaluation is scheduled over two dates of service. Each evaluation session is 50 minutes in length. During the evaluation sessions, your therapist will observe, interact with and play with your child. Even though it might just look like playing, your therapist is collecting valuable data. You are welcome to ask questions throughout the evaluation session or share your concerns.

During either of the evaluative sessions, your therapist might perform assessment measures which require your child to follow directions if they are able to. We will make sure the evaluation is a positive experience for your child and they enjoy themselves. At the end of the second evaluation session, your therapists will briefly discuss the results of the evaluation and let you know if services are recommended. Next, your therapist will write up a comprehensive report within two weeks of the date of your first appointment and directly reach out to you via email to schedule a time to go over the report with you on Zoom or in person, depending on your preference. If therapy is recommended and you choose to receive services at Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy, your child will have weekly therapy sessions where parent participation is always encouraged! All our sessions are 50-minutes in length and the last few minutes are left to discuss the treatment session with parents.

My doctor told us to wait and see what happens before we get our child evaluated. What should we do?
Research shows that early intervention provides the best outcome for children needing therapy. If your child is not meeting their milestones, we encourage you to get a FREE screening from Express Yourself Pediatric Therapy.
When should my child start talking?
Children begin communicating long before they say their first words. You child should communicate with vocalizations, gestures, and eye contact well before their first birthday. By 18 months of age, children have a vocabulary of approximately 50 words. By two years of age, children begin to talk in phrases and sentences.